Instinct news

Our exclusive off road access proved very popular for both wildlife viewing and wilderness skills alike, as a result we have been working hard on continuing to improve these experiences.



We now have two Toyota Hilux 4x4's that allow us to get to the most remote locations, with the maximum comfort. With the majority of trips seeing species like Golden Eagle, Black Grouse, Red Grouse, Mountain Hare, Osprey, White Tailed Eagle, Red Deer, Roe Deer, Crested tits, Crossbill and many more. Our exclusive off road access lets you see all of this, without all of the travel.


Black Grouse

Spring: April brings the Black Grouse lek.  With two private hides on our exclusive Black Grouse lek, what better way to start the day than watch these fantastic birds jostle and display as the sun comes up. With stunning back drops, pick up, drop off, tea/coffee plus a local experienced guide, why not book now for next April? For more information please use 'the lek' button.

Coming soon...

Under construction: We are currently in the process of building a new, fully heated, exclusive wildlife hide. This will enable wildlife enthusiasts to view and photograph some of Scotland's finest wildlife in their natural habitat. For regular updates please visit our website or facebook page.


Taste of the wild

Get outdoors: Our taste of the wild days have been a great success! Sessions will teach you how to light fire using traditional methods, prepare a camp fire safely and responsibly, cook venison using an underground oven, boil water over an open fire and many more skills that will last you a lifetime! For more information please visit our 'Taste of the wild' page. 

 Tepee time! We are now the proud owners of a brand new 10 person tepee, complete with its very own Kobuk tent stove to keep you cosy during the cold Highland nights. Whether its for wildlife viewing, wild camping, wilderness skills or you are simply looking for a unique adventure, this is your opportunity to get out there! More information coming soon.