From a young age, growing up in a remote part of the Highlands, I have always been fascinated by Wildlife. Every time you venture out is a new and exciting experience, my goal is to share these experiences with you.

Our Mission

I want to share this wildlife and the outdoors with whoever is interested. Our proactive approach to viewing wildlife enables you to see it in its natural surroundings, using your Instinct to allow you to get that perfect sighting. I believe that going out and earning that glimpse of an animal is as big a part of the reward as any photograph or memory.  



From regularly monitoring deer numbers to taking part in annual Capercaillie and Black grouse surveys allows me to keep in touch with the wildlife and conservation issues that surround us. Over the years I have enjoyed watching much of this wildlife flourish. In fact the estate on which I was brought up and base a large amount of my work, has just won the prestigious Scottish Wildlife Estates award. 

Myself and Tui relaxing after a good day on the hill.

Myself and Tui relaxing after a good day on the hill.