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Our exclusive off road access in the Scottish Highlands and the Cairngorms National Park continues to prove very popular, as a result we have been working hard on continuing to improve these experiences.

Re-brand: We are currently in the process of re branding, once completed we will have an exciting new logo and you will see some shiny new livery on the Hilux!

New Kit: I recently purchased a Sigma 150-600 mm contemporary lens which I am delighted with. I took it on my latest trip to Sri Lanka and found it clear, portable and was able to shoot with out the use of a mono/tripod. Hand held shot of a Common Kingfisher.


Exciting Osprey news: The Osprey chicks who have been adopted by the children of the local Primary schools have now fledged! This fantastic project allows tracking of the Carr and Deshar (the names of the two Ospreys). Carr, as shown in the image below is now down around Marrakesh. Find more information on how the birds are getting on at . Its a great site and well worth a look!


Looking forward: Summer isn’t over however a lot of the bird species that visit in the summer are beginning to return to their wintering grounds. Its sad to see them go however it always gives me added respect for the hardy Scottish wildlife that stay hear year round, roughing out the harsh winters. Last Autumn our full and half day wildlife tours were very popular, particularly the evening trips where we were regularly seeing Eagles, Black Grouse whilst listening to the Stags roar. I always enjoy these trips as you really make the most of the shorter days, having the vast expanses all to yourself and often staying out after dark.

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